Opus9 supports shippers with spot market truckload and LTL services throughout the U.S.

Full Truckload - FTL

Dry Vans

Dry vans are the most common freight shipping method in the US. It is used to move large shipments of palletized general goods and packaged freight, such as electronics, clothes and other commodities. Dry vans protect goods from the weather, and is a secure way of shipping your cargo. Typically, they can cater for 26 pallets of cargo, or 45,000 lbs of non-perishable goods. We have developed great relationships with bobtails and straight trucks (24-28’), and tractor trailers (48-53’), to cover both long-haul and short-haul distances.

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Perishable goods are usually shipped in a refrigerated van or a “reefer”. Whether you need fresh produce, beverages, flowers or pharmaceutical drugs - any commodity that needs the right temperature or humidity levels, then using a reefer is for you. We have a large network of refrigerated carriers providing food grade and temperature controlled trailers that protect your goods from any spoilage or damage.

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Flatbeds are typically used to move machinery, construction material, equipment, and lumber. We have a large fleet of standard flatbed trailers to ship your loads. Our carriers have the specialized skill set to haul, secure and maneuver loads properly, ensuring you receive your shipment in good condition at the other end.

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Benefits of shipping Truckloads with Opus9

Competitive Rates

Get competitive rates by shipping truckload with Opus9.

Faster shipments

Freight is delivered directly from origin to destination.

Less damage

Freight is only handled at the pickup and drop off location.

Reliable delivery times

GPS tracking & real-time location updates.

Less Than Truckload - LTL

Opus9 offers less than truckload shipping options for shippers who do not have the volume for a truckload. If your shipment is 1-6 pallets, and less than 10,000 pounds, LTL is for you.

This economical and optimized mode of transport means you are paying for the space you use rather than the entire trailer. It can also benefit those who want to have control of their inventory - saving space for production rather than using it to store finished goods.

Less than truckload alleviates the carrier capacity issues to ensure you have the freight where you need it to be. It enables you to benefit from cost savings, to exercise more control and promotes flexibility with your shipments.

Our partnerships with several LTL carriers means we are focused on bringing you the best rates, an improved process and an increased customer satisfaction.

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Consolidate Shipments

LTL is great for consolidating shipments into one container.

Bigger Savings

Freight pooling means we can move multiple shipments from several businesses within a single truck or trailer. As only a fraction of the truck or trailer is used, the cost is lower.

Ship Less

You can be nimble and react to any last minute changes to the volume of orders.

Environmentally Friendly

Optimized shipments means less trucks on the road, and therefore a lower carbon footprint.


Opus9 offers drayage shipping services for shippers or freight forwarders that need to move containerized freight between the ocean port and warehouses, rail yards, or distribution centers.

Opus9 supports standard dry van containers that are 20GP, 40GP, 40HC and 45HC. The table of cargo shipping container sizes supported by Opus9 below shows the dimensions in both standard and metric system measurements.

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Tare Weight
Payload Capacity
Cubic Capacity
External Length
External Width
External Height
Internal Length
Internal Width
Internal Height
Door Opening Width
Door Opening Height
*Exact measurements may be different depending on the manufacturer.

Benefits of shipping Drayage with Opus9

Instant Quotes

Search for the best rates online anytime you want. No loginis required.

Last Mile Tracking

Smart notifications give you transparency when your goods are picked up and dropped off.

Quality Carriers

Opus9’s carriers have close proximity to rail yards and ports. We work with those who have experienceddrivers and have local assets so thatyour goods can reach theirdestination faster.

Digital Paperwork

Streamline processes by managing all your documentation usingour TMS.

We've built efficiencies through automation in operations and sales that allow our customers quality service, at a good price, and committed supply from our carrier base. Enjoy moving your freight using our flexible and scalable solutions, that fit your business needs.

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