LTL Shipping Services.

With LTL, you pay for the space you take on a trailer.

Opus9 has partnerships with several LTL trucking companies, because we prioritize giving you the best possible options for your freight.

Opus9 offers less than truckload shipping options for customers who are shipping items that are too big for the postal service, but do not have the volume for a full truckload. LTL shipping is your best choice if your shipment is between 1-6 pallets and weighs less than 10,000lbs.

With Opus9 You Can

  • Get Instant LTL Freight Rates

    Get LTL freight quotes up to 2 weeks in advance.

  • Book an LTL Shipment In Minutes

    Access on-demand capacity for LTL shipments.

  • Track Your Shipments In Real-time

    Get location visibility and pro-active notifications that keep you posted on the status of your shipments.

  • Manage Paperwork Digitally

    Organize all of your shipping accounts, in one convenient, centralized, digital location, without the mess and stress of traditional recordkeeping.

Instant Freight Rates

LTL Shipping with Opus9

Consolidate Shipments

LTL transportation consolidates your shipments into one truck, along with shipments from other businesses going to similar destinations - driving down cost.

Qualified Carriers

We have partnered with a range of quality LTL carriers. Instantly compare carriers and their rates.

Effective Inventory Control

Using LTL to regularly move multiple small shipments will reduce the amount of space you need to store your finished products.

Environmentally Friendly

When you consolidate shipments, you have less trucks on the road. This lowers your company’s carbon footprint and is less damaging to the environment.

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