Flatbed Shipping Services

Move oversized loads with Opus9’s high quality flatbed carriers.

Flatbed Shipping Services | Freight Transportation Company

Our extensive reliable network of flatbed carriers can help you move awkwardly shaped or oversized cargo securely.

Leave the logistics of moving your freight to our team at Opus9. We have a large fleet of standard flatbed trailers ready to take on even the most difficult jobs. You can trust us to ensure your shipments will arrive at their destination on time and in good condition. Our carriers have the skills to properly haul, secure, and move your shipments safely and quickly.

Flatbed Shipping

With Opus9 You Can:


Get instant flatbed quotes

Book your open-air shipment up to 2 weeks in advance.


Use same day and next day shipping services

Bookings must be placed before 11am local time for same-day pick up.


Book trucks in minutes

Access on-demand capacity for open-air freight. Our carriers are qualified in moving oversized freight, getting all the necessary permits and police escorts as needed.


Track your shipments in real-time

Get location visibility and pro-active notifications that keep you posted on the status of your shipments.

Flatbed Shipping With Opus9

Expert Advice on Trailer Choice

Trailer capacity varies by type. Legal flatbed trailers range from 48 ft to 53 ft long, and 8.5 ft wide. Your cargo will determine the trailer size needed for your shipment. Our experts can help you choose the best size trailer for the job.

Secure Shipments

Unlike standard shipping containers, flatbeds don’t have walls. To prevent your shipment from shifting during transit, you’ll need a shipping expert who has experience securing and handling freight to keep it safe.

Border Permits Acquired

Different states have different rules and regulations when it comes to flatbed trucks. Our team at Opus9 knows what permits you will need to cross the border with your freight.

High Safety Standards

Our transportation experts are well-versed in flatbed shipping. We make sure your freight is always properly insured and highly qualified flatbed carriers are selected to ship your goods.